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How to avoid paying deposit on rental car?

The sum of money you give to the rental car company as a security is a security deposit. The rental car company asks for the deposit to be used as a security deposit to cover the cost of damages, dents, scratches, or parking tickets. There are various methods through which the renter can pay the amount, by credit or debit/check card.

However, some renters still do not like depositing a deposit on a rental car and want to know “ how to avoid a deposit on the rental car.” This is a common question that travelers often ask before renting a rental car. Of course, most rental car companies ask to deposit the security amount.

Don’t panic! We have explained a few things by which you can avoid a deposit on the rental car. Let’s understand.

Why Do Companies Ask For Rental Car Deposit?

A rental car deposit is a sum you pay to a rental company for security. The deposit provides a guarantee to the rental company. If by chance any car damage, late fee, or any other expense happens during the rental period, the company can incur the charges from the total sum. For example, suppose any damage happens during the rental period. In that case, the rental company can place a hold on your credit card or cash deposit that you provided to the company when picking up the car. The amount to pay depends on the location, company, and the car type you are renting.

Why Do Companies Ask For Rental Car Deposit?

Rental companies ask for rental car deposits to protect themselves from future financial losses caused by damage, accident, or other reasons. With the help of the deposit, they get the assurance that they have funds to cover any damage or any other charges that can happen during the rental period.

It also bound the renters to return the car in good condition and on time. Moreover, the rental company may ask you to submit the deposit to check the identity and creditworthiness of a renter. It assures them that the renter has enough cash or a valid credit card to cover all the costs related to the rental.

Some Factors That Can Affect The Amount Of The Deposit

Below are some factors that may affect the deposit amount. Consider these factors:

Car Type

Generally, you must deposit more for luxury and sports cars than economy cars.

Driving History

If your driving history is not that good, like if you have done any traffic violations or accidents, you may have to pay higher deposits.

Car Rental Company

Some car rental companies may charge you higher deposits.


Where you are renting the car may affect the amount of the deposit. Car rentals that are in major cities or tourist destinations may ask you to pay a higher amount compared to smaller towns.

When Will You Get The Deposit Back?

The company returns the security deposit to you within two weeks, and the counting starts at the end of the rental period.

Note: The bigger the company, the faster you will get the deposit back compared to local or small companies.

Did you rent the car at the time of peak season? If yes, then expect delays, even from the large companies. Suppose it has already been over 15 working days, and you have not received your deposit. Then, directly contact the rental company and ask them for an update.

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Can You Lose A Security Deposit?

If you commit any parking violations or traffic offenses during the rental period, the rental company will charge for it, and the amount will be deducted from your deposit.

If you return the car in the damaged position, the repair cost will be deducted from the deposit. For instance, if you arrive late to drop off the car, they will deduct a late drop-off fee from the deposit.

Basic Amount You Have To Deposit

The security deposit cost depends on the company, the country, and the car type you rent.

Note: Different suppliers may charge differently for the same car class. Moreover, if you have a low credit limit, then make sure to compare it with the other rental companies before you book the car.

Remember that the less popular region will charge you higher security deposits.

Tips To Avoid Deposit On Rental Car

Well, the deposit is refundable, but most people do not like giving hundreds to thousands of dollars to the rental company.

If you find depositing security is not a good idea, then follow these steps to avoid deposit on the rental car:

Book Directly From The Rental Company

One way to avoid the deposit is to book directly from the rental company. When you rent from third-party sites, they may give you reasonable prices, but you can get trust issues. Booking directly from the rental company gives you exclusive discounts and deals and is trustworthy.

Use The Travel Credit Card

The other option to avoid the rental car deposit is to use a travel credit card. Most travel credit cards offer insurance perks, so you do not have to buy any additional coverage plan from the rental company.

Moreover, the other benefits of having travel credit cards are discounted rates or waived deposits.

Consider Prepaying For The Rental

Avoiding a deposit can be convenient if you prepay for the rental car. Moreover, some companies can offer discounted rates if you can prepay for the entire rental period. Not only helps you get rid of the deposit but saves you from more expenses.

Note: Remember to check the cancellation policy if your plans change.

Look For Coupons And Codes Discount

Last but not least, you must look for codes and coupon discounts to help you avoid a rental car deposit. Various rental companies offer special offers or codes that reduce or waive the deposit need.

With the help of the above tips, you can avoid a rental car deposit.

Note: Always compare the different prices to find the best deals.


Hopefully, you now know “how to avoid a deposit on the rental car.” With the help of the above tips, there is a possibility that you can reduce or avoid paying a deposit to the rental car.

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