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What Happens If A Rental Car Is Stolen: Get The Answer

Car rental is one of the luxuries you can get on a trip. It gives you more convenience when traveling in a new city and saves time. But using a rented car comes with a lot of responsibilities. 

Rental thefts are very common in and around the country, mostly in Texas, New York, and Florida. Over a million cars get stolen every year, and rental cars are no exception. Actually, rental cars have special license plates and window decals, which makes them easy to identify. They have become favorite targets for burglars in recent times.

If you are renting a car for travel, you must have many questions in your mind. One of them may be, "What happens if a rental car is stolen?" If yes, let's find out the answer.

Firstly, if your rental car is stolen, there are a few steps you must take to minimize the losses. 

Step To Take When Your Rental Car Gets Stolen

The following are all the steps that you must undertake when your rental car gets stolen:

Inform The Police

When you come to know that your rented car is stolen, you should call 911 right away. Tell the cops everything about the rented vehicle. Also, provide details about personal belongings like your cell phone or bag that has gone with the car.

Was there a tracking device installed in the rented car? If yes, then it would be easier to find the vehicle. But if you do not have the means to track it, the law enforcers can help in tracking.

Contact The Owner Of The Car Or Rental Car Company

You must tell the entire incident to the rental car company. Also, ask for the car's license plate number and the vehicle identification number. You will need all this information to file a police report.

While you contact the company's number, you can choose to report loss or damage to the rented car. Ensure to document the specifics of this discussion. Attain the name, designation, and contact number of the representative. Give all the details that the company asks for.

Check Your Insurance Plan

Do you have insurance coverage? Then you must see whether it covers rented car theft. If it covers, then reach out to your insurance provider and request to file a claim. In case you don't have insurance, the insurance of the rental company may provide coverage.

Third-party car rental insurance may cover rental car drivers who are worried about theft.

Ask For a Replacement Car

The rental company engaged might not be willing to provide you with a replacement until it has done an investigation. This does not matter whether you have paid for theft and damage waivers.

Rental providers are likely to judge depending on the case and might choose not to hold renters liable if they took adequate measures. These measures may include car parking in a well-lighted garage. But if the rented car is stolen because the keys were left in the ignition, it is a violation of the stipulations of the rental contract.

Who Is Liable To Pay For A Stolen Rental Car?

There are instances when car rental companies may hold you liable for the damages occurring from a stolen rental car.

The damages can go up to thousands of dollars, which can be nerve-wracking. So, it is essential to read the rental contract or insurance carefully before signing it. There may be many hidden responsibilities that you need to acknowledge. If you don't, then be ready to burn a hole in your pocket.

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What Are The Responsibilities Of A Car Rental Company?

A car rental company is responsible for taking the appropriate safety measures to avoid any theft. They also ensure that the renters are wary of the potential dangers and what precautions they can take.

In addition to that, car rental companies should have procedures in effect for reporting and responding to situations of stolen car rental. This can include the need for the renter to report any theft or damage to the vehicle immediately and cooperate with legal entities to retrieve stolen cars.  

Car rental companies also have a legal responsibility to give the renters secure, well-maintained vehicles. If any theft occurs because of the carelessness of the company, the company itself may be accountable for the damage or loss.

On the whole, there is an integral part of the rental company in the security of the vehicle. They even assure the renters a hassle-free experience. As a renter or customer, you should ask about the policies and procedures for preventing theft from the company. Moreover, you must choose a rental company that takes these obligations seriously.

What Preventive Measures To Take For Protecting Your Rental Vehicle?

By taking certain preventive measures, you can safeguard yourself and your rented cars from any mishap. Here is what you should do:

  • Do In-Depth Research Before Hiring A Car Rental

You should always choose reputed car rental providers and avoid renting from those who have a history of theft or poor security.

  • Make Sure That The Doors And Windows Are Shut Properly

While parking the rented car, ensure that all its doors and windows are locked. Also, never leave any of your belongings, such as cell phones or wallets, inside. The thieves can try to steal them by smashing the windows.

  • Be Wary Of Your Surroundings

See that you are parking the vehicle in a well-lit, visible location every time. The area should be full of people, which means there will be fewer chances of theft.

  • Don't Forget To Take The Keys

The keys of a rental car are prestigious, and you should never leave them inside when exiting the vehicle. If you forget to take the keys out, the thieves may get attracted and try to steal the car.

Follow all these tips to lessen the risk of a rental car theft. Be wary of your surroundings and stay one step ahead of the burglars. Keep these preventive measures in mind while enjoying your journey.


Thefts like stealing car rentals are becoming more and more widespread all around the country. Most tourists are targeted and attacked in order to commit the break-in.

So, what happens if a rental car is stolen? Maybe now I have a better idea of how to keep safe while driving a rented car in a new location. Just stay calm and recall the points we have discussed earlier. Be certain to read all the fine points before signing the rental contract.

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