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Our Dedication To Keep You Safe

We always say that our customer’s safety is our top priority and always work in the same direction. We want to build a world with safe traveling, where you can move freely and make the most of your time. Moreover, BonVoyage Car Rentals wants you to be connected with the people you love the most, and the distance should never be an obstacle between you two. So, to keep up with our words while keeping you safe, we keep upgrading our technology and developing new technology that makes serving our customers easier.

What Are We Doing To Keep You Safe While Traveling During Covid-19?

Covid-19 isn't over yet, and we are again on edge facing new variants of the virus. However, the world cannot stop, and neither can traveling. So we have taken up a few important and impactful measures to keep our customers safe and secure when traveling with us:

Sanitize Our Cars After Every Drive

Sanitization is the first step we have followed since the Covid-19 outbreak. It is because we understand how important sanitization is to protect ourselves from the deadly virus. So, after every drive, we sanitize our vehicles to make them safe for our next ride.

Drivers' Temperature Monitoring Thrice A Day

We understand the importance of knowing when a person is affected by Covid-19. However, even a slight delay can spread the virus among the masses. So, for your and our driver's safety, we ensure our drivers get their body temperatures checked at least thrice a day.

A Shield Between Driver & You

All our vehicles are equipped with a transparent white shield or curtain between you and the driver. Moreover, our drivers must wear a face mask every moment they are in the car.

Share Your Location

BonVoyage Car Rentals allows you to share your location with your loved ones when you travel with us. In addition, our technology helps you and your loved ones be at ease while traveling with us.

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated team to help you wherever you get stuck on the road. Reach us by phone or write your query, and our team will respond to you with the solution within 24 hours.

Everyone Holds Themself Responsible

BonVoyage Car Rentals is a responsible company that takes charge of your safety when you travel with us. We strictly follow the community guidelines and make ourselves accountable for doing things right.

For Us, Your Safety Is More Than You Think

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"The Safer Our Passengers Feel In Our Cars, The More Successful We Find Ourselves. So, BonVoyage Car Rentals Works On The Idea - Safe Journey."